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       Hanxiao Zhang

      Lead Coordinator



trade cycle

Trade Cycle is a popular metric that business clients always want to learn more about. The whole idea of the Trade Cycle is how fast it takes for cash to go from the cash balance through the regular trade cycle of the business.


For businesses that source products abroad, export and import the risk profile and funding requirements are more complex. Banks and funders tend to have separate and defined teams, processes and structures for overseas business.


There are four main stages in a trade cycle or business cycle.


Transaction fees of stock, bond
Commodity transaction fee
Varies within different brokers


Crosscheck the transaction of yesterday
Crosscheck the buy prices
Crosscheck the sell prices


Check the bought prices executed trades
Check the value of the executed trades
Compare the estimated value by the trader with the market value


Check legal documentation
Check load and offload of the goods
Check quality of the goods