AcceptTrust delivers the best technology solutions and operational support to proprietary trading desks, private label funds, hedge funds, and family offices. With 30 years’ industry experience and technical funds support, we know what traders, hedge fund managers, risk managers, project managers, consultants, and quantitative analysts exactly need.


We provide risk management solutions, including the risk analysis system, portfolio system, data, computing power and modules. We are also dedicated to keeping your systems running smoothly, helping you run the system and providing dedicated or nominated traders, hedge fund managers, risk managers, portfolio managers and quantitative analysts with professional risk management system, data, knowledge and other resources.


As specialists in the financial services industry, we are experienced in providing a scalable outsource facility for hedge funds and we keep your technology infrastructure up to date by providing fast response times, proactive engineering to avoid problems. In addition, we manage all your technology issues and find the right solutions to your business while balancing cost with your reliability and future flexibility. With comprehensive technology and services, we automate detailed processes associated with trading, managing investment portfolios and accounting for investment assets, maximize operational performance; provide automatic hardware fail-over for servers and network components, support fully automated date back up and recovery, unify single database for all functions and complete cross product solution.


Depending on the clients' business demand, we also provide professional services that focus on application implementation and integration of these solutions and on custom software development and provide hedge fund one-stop software modules; we design solutions that include the provision of remotely hosted application servers and off-site trading positions.


Since well recognized, utilized and developed software platforms that are used to serve proprietary trading desks, private label funds, hedge funds and family offices, clients have increased security, transferability and ownership of their data. We understand that an effective working partnership requires an unusual level of commitment, which is why we take the time to fully understand what you need and how you work. Therefore we do more than working for you. We work WITH you. Our thoughtful integration industry-standard technologies and our unrivalled experience in designing systems for hedge funds ensures a high quality, responsive and fully scalable platform for the growth of your business.  

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       Hanxiao Zhang

      Lead Coordinator