AcceptTrust will assist through the complex formation process of proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, private label funds and family offices. In addition, we provide operational services that cover the investment and trade cycle and management services such as fund administration, marketing, investor relations, staffing and training and translation and interpretation.


International clients appreciate our fund structuring experience and knowledge and off shelf onshore and offshore turn-key solutions which comfortably can include formation, operation and management. As an example, incubated hedge funds are formed, operated and managed by AcceptTrust, such that the investment and the trade cycle, portfolio and risk management and performance evaluation are provided during the incubation period.

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       Hanxiao Zhang

      Lead Coordinator




Investment Cycle

    •Investment Strategy

    •Portfolio Allocation

    •Risk Management

    •Performance Evaluation

Trade Cycle



    •Pricing Validation

    •Trade Evaluation

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