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       Hanxiao Zhang

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Project Description

Due to a deep knowledge of clients, their needs and expectations, the clients need to describe project  initially, which including the following details: the problem the project will address, a set of goals for the project, the overall objectives for the project, as well as a project plan that describes the activities the members will undertake.  The project description also includes the location of the project, the length of the project, and any benefits you will receive while serving on the project. So that AcceptTrust ‘s specialists are able to develop the most appropriate solutions from advice on structuring to establishing funds, taking best advantage of the flexibility and possibility for personalization that these instruments afford.


Service Specification

AcceptTrust has been constructing tailor services for its clients based on their project details. Tailor-made Service responds to an increasing need to deliver flexible fund of hedge fund solutions that meet specific needs and profiles of hedge fund investors. Our wealth of knowledge and unique approach provides our customers with a reliable and trustworthy resource for all their business requirements.



Task Definition
Task defintion is one of the major steps in the research process. After we know about your project goals and services specification, we need to define the task to help traders, managers, entrepreneurs and families as well as consultants, project managers understand what you need to do and clarify what you have to do successfully complete the task.Working through the AcceptTrust on task definition is an interactive way for our clients to work independently or as a group to identify a task and begin the first step toward completion of the stated assignment, incubation process or the operations.


Task Ownership
Task ownership is one of the key elements of motivating staff and time-effective during the entire life cycle of proprietary trading firms, private label funds, private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices from the start of their operations to its ongoing operation.It ensure the accountability and makes team members responsible for completing work.There are some rules around the correct way of setting task wonership.AcceptTrust could help traders, managers, entrepreneurs and families as well as consultants, project managers lets set owner for their tasks and also set assigned users for their tasks.




Timeline Requirement

The ideal timeline for project process is critical through the whole start- up  program. Our gifted team understands every sector within the hedge fund industry. We offer a complete timeline solution for starting a hedge fund, and operating the fund subjected to your program requirement. By developing tight and proper timeline in the field of hedge funds, we are able to grab an attractive investment opportunity for clients to make a significant contribution to diversifying and enhancing the performance of their portfolios.