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We are ready to answer a wide range of questions regarding the product information, fund start-up , funding services , investing advices and even any question during your investment. AcceptTrust offers a comprehensive range of hedge fund consultation and advice for institutional clients and high net worth individuals based on their enquiry.

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If you are a clients seeking for the consultation, We endeavor to provide fast quote turnaround according to your services demand and times.We provides the compressive and valuable advices based on your project development demand at a competitive price.

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Project failure are often due to  poor requriements gathering, analysis and planning. Based on the entire life cycle of proprietary trading firms, private label funds, private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices from the start of their operations to its ongoing operation, we communicate the requirements using tailored techniques to bridge the customers’ needs and the project developments. We prioritize requirements so that the most important customer needs are delivered first, formulate an iterative project plan with feedback cycles that keep the project on track, and estimate business value for requirements to track how a project contributes to the enterprise.


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Our team are all experienced advisors with hedge fund industry experience and offer a consultative approach to service and solution delivery. Our staff are happy to meet with you and get a deep understanding of their business and then recommend financial solutions to help profit it.


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We deliver and gurantee a reliable, trustworthy, and customizable financial solutions for proprietary trading firms, private label funds, private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices. Your deserve the right to verify the result of the tailored solutions and put forward the inadequate advices, and then our specialist could continue to improve and develop the most appropriate solutions to meet the clients requirements.Verifying the result help AcceptTrust to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer. It inspires Accept trust’s people to make a positive contribution every day.